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Kathleen Patricia Shea - Second Child in the Shea Family

Kathleen Patricia Shea - Ages 14 to 23

These four pages are the years Kathleen spent in high school and the first five years after graduation.

School Days for the Sheas - Clare County and Gladwin, Michigan

Mary Warren, from Marlborough, Massachusetts Kind Cousin to the Shea Children

Mary Warren had "favorite aunt" type status among the Shea children, though she was actually a cousin to them. Mary's father, Daniel and Joseph's mother, Catherine, were brother and sister.

Father Will and Father Joe Simon

The Shea children were greatly appreciative to Father Will Simon
for reuniting their family, and for providing means for many of them
to work and advance in education.

Edward Francis Shea - Seventh Child in the Shea Family

Julia Cecelia Shea - Sixth Child in the Shea Family

Julia Cecelia Shea, died 1938 in a drowning accident.

John Lawrence Shea - Fifth Child in the Shea Family

John Lawrence Shea lived a short time but won the hearts of his siblings.

James Patrick Shea - Fourth Child in the Shea Family

Josephine Helen Shea - Third Child in the Family

Josephine Helen Shea, called Jo by her family, was a great help to her grandmother Julia Theresa O'Connor Mitchell. Jo spent a lot of time at her grandparents' home.

Mary Madelyn Shea, First Child in the Family

Kathleen was always told Madelyn's legal name was Mary Madelyn, but her
Clare County, Michigan, birth record states it was Madelyn Mary.

The Shea Family

Joseph and Helena's Marriage - Page 4

Unfortunately, the bottom of this page was cut off at the printer. It said that people stepped in to find homes for the children.

Joseph and Helena's Marriage - Page 3

Helena and Joseph's Marriage Story - Pages 1 & 2

These are the first two pages
of the story of
Joseph and Helena's marriage.